Friday, November 26, 2010

Pledge to buy handmade this Christmas!

I just came across this link and I think it's such a nice idea - it's a pledge site where you can pledge to buy and to request handmade goods for/from loved ones.

We all have complained at one time or another about the commercialism of the holidays and we know that this commercial approach is so ingrained we tend to feel helpless, shrug our shoulders and just pop down to the shops for a gift anyway.  You don't need to - you and I know that.  The best things about buying handmade are
  • you can plan ahead, 
  • the gifts are almost always cheaper
  • they are more unique
  • they mean more than a store bought unoriginal
  • it gets delivered to you! no shopping center nightmares
  • you are supporting the arts!
  • the designer item you buy may be work from the 'next big thing'
  • they mean more than a store bought unoriginal (it was worth mentioning again ;)
So, pledge !

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