Thursday, January 27, 2011

NEW!! Vegan Wrist Cuffs!

Pagoda Blossom Cuff - Blossom Pink
We have a wonderful new product we are adding to our range.  Its a range of wrist cuffs made from vinyl and acrylic felts - no leather, no wool... just the way we like it!  We always prefer to use non animal products where and when we can.

There are a couple of designs at this stage and more to come.  They will retail at a special introductory price starting at $20 for a Tweety Cuff to $26 for a Pagoda Blossom Cuff.  The blossom pink one shown here was a gift to the people who sold us our dear Crazy Ivan Laser machine. We added this cuff into the package with their generous purchase of our products to showcase in a upcoming trade show in the US in February!

Pagoda Blossom Cuff - Palace Red

Pagoda Blossom Cuff - Blossom Pink
Tweety Cuffs - Assorted colours and NEW! Fabrica Hand printed Fabric Rings

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A fresh perspective for women in business and entrepreneurs

I LOVED this post by Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl and published in

Make sure you give it a read if you intend to, are already or have ever tried to follow and forge your own path in business. Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shiny Surprises!

Wellard Markets - what can I say!  OK it was a really nice day - the customers were far and few but everyone had the same customer base.  But what I really loved about the day were the people we knew who came by, some to see us and some just by accident and it ended up being a wonderful family & friends day!  Worth the stall fee on its own.
Wellard Markets January - click for larger image - again the layout is a bit limited by wind (such a windy town! :)

We had some wonderful feedback about the new products and as a result we have applied for William St festival Markets and Unwrapped Designer Market and are very excited about the prospect of attending those!

Also, I have just been informed that our Ice Berg "Ice Bitch" ring used in a photo shoot is being submitted to the next issue of Oyster Magazine! Karen magazine and another Mag which I am getting the name to soon from the Stylist -  How excitment!! :P

Our Ice Bitch ring

These will be released on our Etsy shop when the Mag is - but register for your interest in the comments section below. It's set to retail for a bargain at $15 (plus shipping) and stock is limited so get in soon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

NEW STOCK ! Launch @ wellard markets tomorrow!

OK, I caved - Wellard Markets has offered us Shiny Rabbit lot a better position (fingers crossed) and it looks like the perfect time to launch our new stock.  On offer tomorrow are some of our newer items, plus some of our recent stock like some fabric rings, chokers and book mark clips... but our new stock is to DIE FOR!  Well, we are in love with it.. We got inspired by love with Valentines day looming ahead and by pop culture that surrounds us in our home town.

Have a peek at some of what's on offer..... (click on it for a larger view)

Visit Shiny Rabbit at The Village at Wellard Markets this Sunday 8am -12 Located at Pimlico Gardens (just a very short amble from the Wellard Train Station)

Join me and my fellow stall holders for a fun morning of live entertainment, great food, cool kids rides and super groovy stuff available from over 60 stalls!

See you there!