Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shiny Surprises!

Wellard Markets - what can I say!  OK it was a really nice day - the customers were far and few but everyone had the same customer base.  But what I really loved about the day were the people we knew who came by, some to see us and some just by accident and it ended up being a wonderful family & friends day!  Worth the stall fee on its own.
Wellard Markets January - click for larger image - again the layout is a bit limited by wind (such a windy town! :)

We had some wonderful feedback about the new products and as a result we have applied for William St festival Markets and Unwrapped Designer Market and are very excited about the prospect of attending those!

Also, I have just been informed that our Ice Berg "Ice Bitch" ring used in a photo shoot is being submitted to the next issue of Oyster Magazine! Karen magazine and another Mag which I am getting the name to soon from the Stylist -  How excitment!! :P

Our Ice Bitch ring

These will be released on our Etsy shop when the Mag is - but register for your interest in the comments section below. It's set to retail for a bargain at $15 (plus shipping) and stock is limited so get in soon!


  1. Glad it was a good day despite the lack of people - hopefully word will get out and more will turn out for the future markets.

  2. I hope so too - we are not going to any more simply because we want to concentrate on getting to know more/different markets and demographics but I hope things will pick up for others. It would be wonderful to get a thriving art and culture scene suburban south of the river :)