Thursday, January 27, 2011

NEW!! Vegan Wrist Cuffs!

Pagoda Blossom Cuff - Blossom Pink
We have a wonderful new product we are adding to our range.  Its a range of wrist cuffs made from vinyl and acrylic felts - no leather, no wool... just the way we like it!  We always prefer to use non animal products where and when we can.

There are a couple of designs at this stage and more to come.  They will retail at a special introductory price starting at $20 for a Tweety Cuff to $26 for a Pagoda Blossom Cuff.  The blossom pink one shown here was a gift to the people who sold us our dear Crazy Ivan Laser machine. We added this cuff into the package with their generous purchase of our products to showcase in a upcoming trade show in the US in February!

Pagoda Blossom Cuff - Palace Red

Pagoda Blossom Cuff - Blossom Pink
Tweety Cuffs - Assorted colours and NEW! Fabrica Hand printed Fabric Rings

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