Friday, January 14, 2011

NEW STOCK ! Launch @ wellard markets tomorrow!

OK, I caved - Wellard Markets has offered us Shiny Rabbit lot a better position (fingers crossed) and it looks like the perfect time to launch our new stock.  On offer tomorrow are some of our newer items, plus some of our recent stock like some fabric rings, chokers and book mark clips... but our new stock is to DIE FOR!  Well, we are in love with it.. We got inspired by love with Valentines day looming ahead and by pop culture that surrounds us in our home town.

Have a peek at some of what's on offer..... (click on it for a larger view)

Visit Shiny Rabbit at The Village at Wellard Markets this Sunday 8am -12 Located at Pimlico Gardens (just a very short amble from the Wellard Train Station)

Join me and my fellow stall holders for a fun morning of live entertainment, great food, cool kids rides and super groovy stuff available from over 60 stalls!

See you there!



  1. Congratulations your new stock looks amazing. I hope you have a great day tomorrow

  2. thanks guys! :) it was a slow day but we caught up with so many people we knew it was a lovely morning nonetheless :)

    The titanic brooch is one of my fave too!

  3. Hey look at all this cool stuff. it's way cool. what a clever little rabbit you are.