Friday, November 19, 2010

Market Preparation

Market Preparations are well into swing and I've had to make some 'adjustments' to the current state of my budget.  Here are some pictures anyway of what I have started with.

Clever Mr Rabbit made me these ring trays out of black linen covered lids from paper storage boxes and some pick n pluck foam we had left over from our camera cases.  Isn't he clever!

I had to think of something else for my bookmarks so I made this calico cover for a book - chain stitched "bookmarks" on it (albeit not to well!) and it still needs an iron.  But I had a couple of old looking jars and a woven keeper that I tried displaying in as well... I would have loved a nice custom display but I'm hoping these will go down a treat *fingers crossed*  and excuse the table cloth its my work bench...

I couldn't resist taking a photo of my vintage mannequin who has been repainted by the very clever Mr Rabbit.  She is stunning and always fancies up any area...

Now, last of all is my sign - I'm not too pleased with it to say the least because of the smudging (I tried the transfer method with medium and transparencies) - I am definitely going to replace this but it won't be for this sunday as I simply don't have the time.  I chose a distressed font knowing the method isnt all that crash hot for clarity.  It still needs the edges trimmed and hemmed - its on calico and I intend to hang it up out front - ideally I would like it on the back wall of the gazebo but I guess "prominent" implies out front.  I am really hoping the smudging (and the dodgy bunny dot)doesn't make me look any more a noob than I am.  Send me good vibes! 

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