Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday - A Way around the GFC and Christmas!

So we are well into Black Friday shopping season - for those of you who don't know what black friday is, it's an American term (surprise!) that immediately follows Thanksgiving and is said to be the start of the crazy shopping season for Christmas.

Now, I don't know about you, but in Australia the GFC is hitting retail hard. People are not so optimistic about the extravagance of Christmas at all and for many it really is feeling like 'X'mas.  I am starting to feel like many that Christmas is more than ever showing itself as a commercial hitch in what should be a personal and meaningful year - we have suffered great losses in war, mining tragedy, natural disaster and famine. Many have lost their homes and are struggling - we should be changing the way we see the ones we love.

I am at a little bit of a loss as to why the handmade market hasn't caught on as a viable alternative to gift giving this year.  Out of any year we have experienced (in my lifetime anyway) this year is the year to reestablish what giving is supposed to be about - and its not an xbox - ps2 or an iphone... its about giving and telling someone through your gift that you care; that they matter. Money doesn't always say that - in fact it just says "now yours is out of the way and you can't complain because I spent $$$$ on you". Thats not love.

Etsy is a great way around this - you can spend easily under $100 per person - in fact the gifts below are even less and suitable as single gifts  (we feel the pressure to spend more on commercial gifts because they mean less and are less and less personal these days) and I think I am going to go for hand made artisan crafts for chrissy. I think they mean more, are unique and there are many local designers around that you can buy from.

WA designers - ARTY GIFTS UNDER $35 !!!:

Modern Homewares $35 - perfect for a best friend

iheartcharlie journal $29 -such a bargain and so personal!

Faux Rocky Cufflinks by Polyclarific $28 tel me where you can get hand crafted cufflinks for that price!

also from Polyclarific Retro Telephone Stud earrings - $15!

By GetSilvered this Gorgeous! Lunar Copper Necklace and you won't believe it - $27 theres no way you will find a hand made artisan object like this for that price in the streets of Perth

These are only a very small sample of WA artisans selling really lovely objects on Etsy - check out Etsy and look for local designers so your shipping is low cost, your items arrive before Christmas and so ultimately while supporting local arts you give a gift that is truly meaningful and cost effective!

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  1. Thanks Shiny for featuring my copper pendant. So lovely of you to highlight all of us other West Aussies.