Monday, November 17, 2014

Rabbit NOM NOM's @ The Tasty Pear !

The Tasty Pear in the newly refurbished (and stunning!) Bassemdean shopping center is a local pop up shop organised and run by Gill and Chantel. This is a pop up shop with a big difference - it really is a creative space with absolutely amazing decor and of course a large range of local creative design art and objects for you to purchase. Its a welcoming space that presents itself as a celebration of the results of a creative economy that is second to none right here in WA.

This pop up shop is a stand out for me - its just an absolute delight to be in.  It has a great range of really special things to buy and a great range of prices suitable for every single budget.   Its going to be around until the end of the year so you can get all of your gift shopping done in the one store.  Remember that its important to not only support the local creators of great gifts but also, these kinds of gifts are so much more special than mass produced products.   Make it extra special this year, buy local designer wares for those you love.  

Of course, Shiny Rabbit is in the Tasty Pear Mix but so are many others - you will really be amazed at how this store is pulled together and how things have been displayed.  It's such a creatively gathered and displayed collection that it verges on the curatorial.

A must visit, The Tasty Pear will take care of all of your Christmas Gift needs in one lovely location!

The Tasty Pear is located at the Hawaiian Bassendean Shopping Center on
Old Perth Rd  Bassendean, Western Australia, Australia - click here for a map


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